Frequently Asked Questions

You can reach us thru our Whatsapp number or social media account. We will arrange a sales manager to communicate with you regarding your orders and the follow-ups.

We accept all mainstream currencies and preferably USD, Euro, AUD etc. Payments can be conducted thru international wire or cash if it is in your convenience.

Depending on your choice of transportation, international shipping can be conducted thru air or freight. The sales manager will communicate with you to go thru all the details of shipping to ensure speedy and reliable delivery of your cargo.

Since we are the manufacturer, we provide great flexibility and customization to our products. We can adjust the size, color, and texture according to your decor, ensuring the pieces will fit in your house perfectly.

We provide much wider range of furniture pieces than we display on the website. You can contact us to get catalogs of collections of furniture that is in your style. Or you can provide us with photo of the piece you want, we can handle that rest.